During the COVID-19 pandemic our workload for one particular industry has skyrocketed. The demand for ambulance and PTS conversions, along with retro-fit work to existing vehicles, has increased drastically. Our incredible team have been working day and night throughout these past few weeks to prioritise this work, in order to support the medical industry.

This week we have created 17 ambulance bulkheads and 17 roof fans which will be fitted to existing vehicles. This means that these vehicles can now be used to help assist the NHS and private medical companies during the crisis. 


A member of the SCW team creating an ambulance bulkhead.

12 Peugeot Boxers, 4 Ford Transits and 1 Mercedes Sprinter have been converted into both ambulance and PTS vehicles for companies such as Enterprise Flex E Rent and Dawson Vehicle Rentals. These vehicles will then be supplied to the medical industry to help them cope with the rising need. 


Ford Transit PTS vehicles for Enterprise Flex E Rent ready to leave SCW.

Today a brand-new Mercedes Sprinter and Mercedes Vito were delivered to Guys and St Thomas’ hospital in London. The hospital will add these vehicles to their existing fleet. The hospital is currently caring for a large amount of COVID-19 patients. These vehicles are vital when transporting others to the facility. 


Guys and St Thomas’ Mercedes Sprinter ambulance. 

A special thank you from Jess & Lee

‘We would like to thank everyone in our team for putting in such a fantastic effort to help get these vehicles out of the door and to those in need. We feel so privileged to have such a great team here and we are incredibly proud of you all. Everyone has volunteered to work additional hours in order to supply the medical industry with the vehicles and we would like to thank you all for doing so. We hope that everyone remains safe and well during these next few weeks. We cannot thank you all enough.’


A few Peugeot Boxer PTS vehicles ready to head to Dawson Vehicle Rentals.