This week we delivered two brand-new Renault Master PTS vehicles to returning customer Dawsongroup Bus & Coach. These new model Master’s will join their existing fleet of patient transport vehicles available to lease or rent. 


Dawsongroup Bus & Coach’s PTS ambulances are based on the new shape Renault Master.


Our Customer: Dawsongroup PLC

Dawsongroup PLC is a group of companies specialising in the supply of commercial assets. The group covers 9 distinct asset groups, utilised by the largest corporates through to SMEs, working within the logistics, retail, transportation, food production and pharmaceutical sectors. Dawsongroup Bus & Coach have a long history associated with all aspects of passenger carrying vehicles but have recently expanded into rental Patient Transport Service vehicles (PTS) and front-line High Dependency Units (HDU’s).


The Base Vehicle & Front Cabin

Both of the PTS vehicles are based on a Renault Master LM35 Business + chassis and each feature a rear parking camera, a 7” touch screen SatNav and in-dash air conditioning as standard. To ensure that the front cabins of each vehicle complement the high-standard of the rest of the conversion, we have reupholstered the driver’s seat in a matching wipe clean blue material. Behind this, we have installed a protective driver’s screen complete with a night blind. For storage of wheelchairs and other additional items, we have designed a l-shaped luggage pen which sits in place of the front passenger seat. This luggage pen includes tracking on either side and straps to ensure that any items inside of it can be secured down whilst travelling. 


Left – Protective driver’s screen with night blind. Right – L-shaped luggage pen in place of front passenger seat.


The Rear Passenger Saloon

To achieve access into the rear saloon, we have fitted a pedal operated manual side step underneath the side load door of each vehicle. At Stanford Coachworks we are always thinking of innovative ways to increase passenger safety and help reduce vehicle damage. Therefore, to reduce the risk of damage to the side step, we have installed a step warning buzzer which will sound if the step is left out once the handbrake is released. 


We have fitted each vehicle with a pedal operated manual side step which sits beneath the side load door.


With space for up to 7 seated patients, 3 wheelchair patients or a bariatric stretcher, we have installed 7 passenger seats in the rear saloon. In order to easily take them out of the vehicle to provide additional space, we have fitted 2 of these seats with removable legs. The 5 other seats feature either tip up bases or tip and fold functions so that they can be stored against the vehicle walls to again create even more additional space. We have upholstered each seat in a blue wipe clean material with yellow piping and grab handle head rests. Each seat is fitted to the M1 IVA tracked floor system which we have overlaid in a blue anti-slip material for the safety of all patients.  To ensure that all patients remain at a comfortable temperature, we have fitted an Eberspacher heating system. 


Seats positioned along the nearside of the vehicle feature tip and fold functions.


Wheelchair and Stretcher Accessibility

For patients using either a wheelchair or stretcher, we have fitted an internal tail lift at the rear of the vehicle. To the left of the tail lift we have constructed a storage box to hold items such as wheelchair clamps.


Patients can also access the rear saloon via an internal tail lift.


The Interior PTS Features

Along the upper nearside of the vehicle, we have installed a piped oxygen line which runs down to a specially designed oxygen bottle storage point at the rear. For safe storage of an additional oxygen bottle, we have fitted a second storage point besides the rear facing tip up passenger seat.


Each vehicle features piped oxygen and specially designed storage points for oxygen bottles.


Sufficient lighting is important when it comes to PTS vehicle conversions therefore, we have recessed 3 large LED lights along the centre of the vehicle. We have installed a high intensity LED load lamp to ensure that the rear of the vehicle is well immilunated when loading passengers via the tail lift. To illuminate the nearside exterior of the vehicle, we have also fitted 2 scene lights.


Safety with Stanford Coachworks

At Stanford Coachworks we pride ourselves on the high-level of safety that our vehicles provide. On each of Dawsongroup’s PTS vehicles we have installed a number of safety systems to help protect drivers, patients and pedestrians. For example, we have fitted a cycle warning system which is most effective for vehicles driving around busy towns and cities. The cycle warning system is an audible alarm which sounds when the vehicle is turning to alert cyclists and pedestrians of possible restricted space. The system also alerts the driver if it detects a cyclist in their blind spot. 


The cycle warning system alerts the driver of cyclists / pedestrians in their blind spots.


Thank you from the Stanford Coachworks Team

We would like to thank Dawsongroup Bus & Coach for their returning custom and we hope that both of these Renault Master PTS vehicles help benefit their clients. 


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