At Stanfords we are known for our individual approach to the conversion process. We produce bespoke vehicles, each one built from start to finish by one of our build teams. You won’t find the usual production line of vehicles,  our structure allows us to give our customers flexibility, they can have a unique minibus without affecting our production processes. But this individual approach doesn’t mean that we cant build for fleet, we build fleet minibuses for many of our customers from small batches to fleets over 100. 

We work with companies from an assortment of sectors, from welfare to community and government, medical, entertainment and many more covering the whole of the UK and even internationally. With each fleet vehicle we build it to to our clients request,  every detail is focused around that companies brand and their customer requirements. Building to a high quality, managing all the details and ensuring the craftsmanship of each fleet minibus. 

All of the build details are kept on file including the position and signs so we can ensure any future builds look the same. You can add to your fleet each year without any concerns that the vehicles will not blend in.

Read more about the different fleet vehicles we produce: 


We work with hire companies offering short term  hires and long term lease options to their clients. The vehicles can range from minibuses, wheelchair accessible vehicles, MPV’s, small WAVs and large minibuses accommodating up to  22 passengers. We ensure these vehicles are built to the clients specification and include the companies branding through out regardless of the size of the vehicle.

Local authorities: 

Working with local authorities to help meet the demands of the public in the borough. Building minibuses, accessible and bariatric vehicles to meet these needs, each authority will have a preference on the base vehicle and certain features that must be included in the design. We advise on vehicles that will provide the authorities with longevity. 


Dealing with both private and public ambulance services to create emergency response vehicles, patient transfer units and  even a 4×4 first response unit for remote areas. 

Community transport: 

Aiding community transport groups who provide a much needed service in their communities, building accessible and non accessible minibuses that will work with there budgets and requirements for their volunteer drivers. 


Tour companies and executive transfer companies need to offer their clients comfort, exclusivity and technology. They need this across their fleet so that their customers can enjoy this regardless of the vehicle, however the experience needs to be slightly different in each vehicle. We create designs that offer their clients an experience and can develop designs to work at each price point offered to customer bases. We can build a ‘brand’ of vehicles for companies to offer as part of their service, catering to markets and offering various features. 

If you need to upgrade your fleet speak to us about your options. We can help you design fleet minibuses that will serve your customers needs. 


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