The much anticipated new model Mercedes Sprinter has finally launched! Its launch was broadcast live around the world from Germany in February, its set to have its official launch in the UK later this year. As a popular chassis for many of our customers and top choice for our luxury Monaco range we were keen to find out what changes had been made to the Sprinter. 

Global Training for Mercedes Sprinter 

Last year we were invited to a sneak preview event in Germany and after its official launch last month we were invited to Portugal earlier this month for a global training event. This was a chance for all types of convertors from food trucks and ice cream van convertors to passenger vehicle convetors like us, we were 1 of 4 UK passenger convertors who attended the event. We felt it was important to learn as much as possible about the new model before we started working on the model later this year. 

We sent production manager Dave out to Portugal to soak up as much knowledge about the Sprinter before we got our hands on one. He found the event extremely useful and was impressed with the new features. The attendees were given the opportunity to try out new components and test drive the Sprinter alongside other van makes to compare the vehicles features. 


The main changes on the Sprinter are confined to the front of the vehicle, the shape and design of the front has changed. Features in the cab area have been upgraded with new technology to improve the driving experience. The positive for us as convertors is that the floor has not changed this means we will not have to develop any new systems for flooring and conversion, meaning there will not be any delays when starting conversion work on the new model. 



New features on Mercedes Sprinter

Some of the features that Dave was impressed with was the new dashboard multimedia screen available in 7.5inch or 10.5inch. Mercedes have added lots of high tech features including their new Mercedes Pro feature that controls lots of useful services, it also includes Hey Mercedes, Mercedes answer to Alexa! Hey Mercedes will assist you on your on journey, say Hey Mercedes I’m cold and the heating will turn on.  Other features include lane assist, park assist, 360 camera and break assist, the Sprinter will sense obstructions in front and break to prevent an accident. The video below demonstrates this. 

We look forward to our first new model Mercedes Sprinter conversions later this year. Contact us if you would like to be one of the first with a new Mercedes Sprinter conversion! 

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