At Stanford Coachworks we don’t provide our clients with pre-designed minibuses. Each of our vehicles are bespoke and custom-built to every client’s specific requirements. Our huge variety of minibus options is what makes our conversions one of a kind.


Minibus options for your Stanford's conversion.A marvellous mint green Mercedes Sprinter for Hampshire County Council.


Before beginning the quote process, we like to speak with our clients to discuss their requirements and establish a purpose for the minibus. From this we can then design a personalised quote which recommends all of the perfect minibus options for you. We have a whole range of different options to suit every use and budget. 

Let’s take a look at some of the features…



Standard flooring

Our standard flooring includes capped wheel arches that we configure the seating around. A number of different floor tracking layouts are available depending on vehicle make and the capacity of seats and wheelchairs. 

Flat Floor system

Our Flat Floor system can be included on our long (L3) and extra-long (L4) Mercedes Sprinter conversions. The Flat Floor eliminates any wheel arch intrusions allowing for additional space in the rear saloon. 

Super Flat Floor system

Alternatively, our Super Flat Floor system can be included on our extra-long, extra-high roof (L4H3) Mercedes Sprinter conversions. The Super Flat Floor is designed to maximise space in the rear saloon. This is achieved by eliminating any wheel arch intrusions and installing an underfloor tail lift between the original vehicle floor and SCW’s Super Flat Floor. 


Flooring options.Stanford Coachworks’ vehicle flooring options.


Lino Floor Coverings:

Our non-slip lino floor coverings come in a wide range of different styles; this includes:

Patterned gripped finish

Carpet finish

Wood effect finish

Executive finish



At Stanford Coachworks our wide variety of seating options enables us to supply our clients with a seat which meets their passenger’s requirements. We have a number of different passenger seating options to choose from, including:

Fixed seats

Removable seats

Tip up base seats

Tip and turn seats

Executive seats


Range of head rests

Magazine nets

Removable seats are the perfect option as they allow you to change the capacity of your minibus. Whether you need extra space for wheelchair passengers or luggage, these seats can easily be removed from the vehicle. 


Seating options.Stanford Coachworks’ seating options.



We have a large number of different materials available for your vehicle ranging from patterned to plain. We offer 3 different types of seat trimming, these include:

Full moquette

Moquette with wipe clean bases and lower back curve

Full wipe clean


Trim Options.Stanford Coachworks’ Seat Trims.


Our full wipe clean seating is ideal for ambulances and PTS vehicle conversions. 

If you are looking for a more executive finish in your minibus, we also offer luxury seating. To give your minibus that extra bespoke touch, we can include diamond stitching and custom headrests embroidered with your very own branding. We are also able to trim the entrance modesty screen to match the rest of the interior. Speak to our sales team to find out more. 

For high-end luxury conversions head over to our Monaco by Stanford website. 


Bespoke trim service.Stanford Coachworks’ bespoke trimming.


To ensure that your minibus has a consistent theme throughout we are able to trim a number of different features in matching material, this includes:

Roof panels

Side panels

Door panels

Clamp box covers

Cant rail covers

Driver and front cab passenger seats


Matching moquette roof panel.Bespoke trim: a matching moquette roof panel.


Heating and Air Conditioning:

Keep your passengers comfortable with rear saloon climate control. At Stanford Coachworks we can install rear saloon air conditioning and heating to keep passengers cool in the summer and warm in the winter. 


Driver's switch panel - heating and air conditioning. Stanford Coachworks’ driver’s switch panel: This particular conversion included heating and air conditioning.



We have a variety of numerous lighting systems to choose from. You can choose to have either our standard LED lighting or you can add additional lighting features to make your minibus extra special. Our lighting options include:

Standard LED centre roof lighting with white reading and comfort blue facility

Personal touch sensitive LED lights for each row of seating

Colour changing LED roof strip lighting

Load lighting

Step lighting

Scene lighting


LED lighting options. Stanford Coachworks have a range of different lighting options to suit you.


Vehicle Entry:

Dependant on vehicle make, we have a range of different entry options available. We can also provide you with our very own specially designed fold-out step which reaches a lower ground level for those with reduced mobility. All of our steps are incredibly easy to operate by any user. Options for vehicle entry include:


Front entry (Mercedes Sprinter conversions only)

Cut in front entry step


Side entry

Manual pedal operated side step

Electric operated side step

SCW double fold-out lightweight low entry side step


Entry step options.Staying one step ahead: we have a range of entry options easily accessible for everyone.


Tail Lift:

At Stanford Coachworks we can supply you with tail lifts from a range of different manufacturers. Therefore, if you are confident using a particular tail lift, we can add that to your vehicle. We can supply you with a split platform lift, a folding lift or on certain conversions, an underfloor lift to help maximise space in the rear saloon. 


Ricon internal split platform tail lift.Stanford Coachworks offer a choice of different tail lifts – this vehicle features a Ricon split platform internal tail lift.


Extra Options:

These are just a few of the many options that we are able to supply your vehicle with at Stanford Coachworks. Alongside these, we have a variety of different minibus options available to suit your conversion. Just a few of these extra options include reversing cameras and sensors, storage compartments, TV’s and audio systems and secure cells.

Contact us today to discuss all of your options and begin designing the perfect minibus for you.