As a school, college, specialist education service, or further education facility you may require transportation to support your students and further their education. Whether this is for field trips, local excursions, sport competitions, community service etc, it could prove  more, efficient and better value for money to purchase a school minibus rather than leasing or hiring a vehicle.


Stanford Coachworks Essential School Minibus - Jack and Jill sign

Stanford Coachworks Essential School Minibus – Jack and Jill sign


What are the 1st steps when buying a school minibus?

What do you want the vehicle for? We need to consider what the main uses for the vehicle will be.

  •  Who will be using it?
  •  Who could be using it in the future?
  • Does it need to be accessible?

Let’s look at the questions further to see how these will impact the type of vehicle you will require.

Why do you need a school minibus?

Do you  need a vehicle for shuttling people around your campus? If so then you may need a smaller minibus, and a simpler  conversion as you would not require many extra options such as entertainment packages, security options, storage etc.

Will the vehicle mainly be used for sporting events and transporting sport teams ? You will need to consider storage options for equipment and possibly wipe clean seats.

If you will be using the vehicle for long trips and excursions, you may want to consider other options such as T.V.s, extra seating options, and heaters amongst other options.


What do you need to consider next?

Who will be driving the schools minibus? 

This is a very important consideration as it can have a major impact on the type of vehicle you can purchase.

Employing a full time driver? – They will need the correct license to carry a  minibus with up to 16 passengers.

Existing staff or volunteer drivers? – If you intend to have your staff drive the minibuses as a volunteer  or have volunteer drivers such as parents, you will need to make sure they have the appropriate licence and follow the legislation on driving minibuses. The guidelines regarding this can be found here .


Stanford Coachworks Wheelchair Accessible School Minibus Conversion

Stanford Coachworks Small Wheelchair Accessible School Minibus Conversion


The types of conversions and vehicle options available can be confusing if you have no experience of  the, so how do you know what vehicle is appropriate for you and legal for your drivers? You can read the government guidance on school minibuses or call us and we can go through the legal requirements.

So what are your options? This will depend largely on the driver of the vehicle as there will be certain restrictions, due to the legislation for category B licence holders. You can call us to discuss your needs and we can run through the options. For category B licence holders we have a vehicle perfectly suited, our Essential minibus has all the requirements, including signage and accessible options.


Essential School minibus

Essential School minibus – Affordable minibus range


The Essential Minibus conversion is available on a Citroen, Peugeot or Fiat L4H2 4200kgs chassis. The base specification includes a tachograph and 62mph speed limiter. The minibus provides up to 17 passenger seats with 10 seats removable for 3 wheelchair positions.

Contact us to discuss your requirements, you can call our sales team on 01375676088 or contact us on online.


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