At Stanford Coachworks we are always happy to design specialist vehicles, we create the designs around your specific requirements. We can alter standard designs, create new products and find new solutions. 

One of the many types of specialists vehicles we convert are bariatric vehicles to handle bariatric passengers. In particular we have designed ambulances to carry these patients, they have features  to aid the travel of these passengers including:

  • Extra wide doors
  • Reinforced super flat floor system able to withstand 95 stone of weight
  • Extra wide 36 inch wheelchairs, reinforced ‘elk’ stretchers
  • Wide automatic ramps
  • Wrench supports

 Read more about our specialist ambulances here


Alongside bariatric ambulances we have designed and converted bariatric minibuses. The minibus above has many features on it to accommodate bariatric passengers, it was built for a local authority who pick up local residents. The specification includes features to accommodate obese passengers as listed below. 


Extra wide seat to accommodate bariatric passengers


  • A super flat floor system 
  • 7 removable seats 
  • Can carry 5 wheelchairs and 3 passengers 
  • 6  425mm wide seats
  • 1 seat 500mm wide with 600mm base ( bariatric seat)
  • 600mm twin rail fold out step with a 300kg working load 
  • Wheelchair storage 
  • Underfloor lift 400kg capacity 


The vehicle was then brought back for some modifications to accommodate new passengers, the new upgrades are to feature in their future conversions aswell.

The upgrades included lowering the lift so to create a shallower gradient between the lift and minibus floor tmaking it easier for attendants to push wheelchair passengers into the vehicle without. The authority spoke to us about concerns of wheelchairs losing stability due to the extra force needed to wheel the passengers in. They wanted a solution to guide the wheelchairs and stop them becoming unstable.  We created a wheelchair guidance system, this consists of two store-able channels that fit into floor tracking and guide the wheelchairs safely into the vehicle. 

Wheelchair guidance system


Contact us today about your specialist concerns and we can discuss solutions for your vehicle. Contact us online or call the sales team on 01375676088.

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