Last year we were asked by Matt Hampson to create a wheelchair accessible vehicle designed around him. We created a luxury personal vehicle, you can read about the full details and specification here.  We were honoured to work with Matt who turned his experience into a positive, helping others going through similar situations, he is truly an inspiring character.


This year we were introduced to George Robinson by Matt, George had suffered life changing injuries whilst playing rugby. The Matt Hampson Foundation recommended us to George and his family who were looking for a vehicle for all of them to use. One year on from creating a luxury vehicle for Matt we designed and built another luxury wheelchair accessible vehicle. Working with George we learnt how much Matt’s foundation is helping others and especially the hope it is giving to people who are having to adjust to a new way of life.


Team George luxury minibus


What does the Matt Hampson Foundation do? – #getbusyliving

The Matt Hampson foundation was set up by Matt after suffering an accident. Matt became a C4/5 tetraplegic in March 2005 after a scrummaging practice accident for England under 21s.

After Matt, and his support network had secured his financial future, Matt set his sights on creating the foundation to support others. In 2010 the Matt Hampson Foundation was created and has grown,  early fundraisers are now working at the foundation to help it grow even further. The team try to promote their message #getbusyliving encouraging people not to stop after their accidents and learn to live a full life adapting to their new circumstances. The foundation provide a number of services including:

  • Mentoring and friendship
  • Information and advice
  • Financial assistance
  • Provision of technology and equipment

They have supported a number of people with wheelchairs, specialist equipment, and sporting equipment. The foundation is unlike many other charities, they do not require patrons to fill out paperwork to apply for support, Matt understands that filling in forms is the last thing people want to do after dealing with a major incident.  Therefore they make it as simple as possible, every single applicant is visited in person by one of the team to have their situation assessed.


Matt Hampson foundation logo


Matt visits schools and talks to pupils. He helps them understand disability and raises awareness of disability whilst showing children that disabled people can still lead full life’s. His talks also teach the children bravery and determination, and not to give up after life throws you a curve ball – the foundation says Matt’s message of ‘focus on what you can do, not what you can’t’ will also speak to every child, whatever their academic or physical ability, inspiring them to ‘get busy living’ and achieve their goals.

Last year Matt was finally able to start his dream – building a rehabilitation centre. The £1 million Get Busy Living centre built for the foundations beneficiaries will finally give them a space to meet. It will be a place for physical rehabilitation as well as provide mental support. Companies will be able to exhibit state of the art equipment and give beneficiaries the chance to use this equipment. A number of firms are supporting the centre by offering their services free of  charge.


Stanford and The Matt Hampson Foundation

After learning about what the team do we decided we wanted to support them and get involved. We are starting with the centre and  purchasing 2 slabs to contribute towards the building expenses.  If you would like to support the foundation there is more information about purchasing a slab stone here. We are also planning to raise money for the charity over the next year, any fundraising ideas are welcome! 


Get Busy Living centre - Matt Hampson

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