Walking down the stairs, going to the shops or using public transport are all things that many of us take for granted but thousands of people in the UK suffer from disabilities that prevent them doing from even the smallest tasks like going shopping or visiting their families.

When the council does little things to help support people with disabilities it’s great to see how much it can actually improve their daily lives. Brenda Plumpton from East Boldon is a great example of this aid being put into practice. Brenda is wheelchair bound and as a result, was struggling to get to her local bus stop due to kerbs being too high at certain parts of her journey, forcing her to travel on a main road. The local council noticed this and lowered the kerbs so now Brenda can get to her bus stop safely and easily. (Read story here)

Seeing things like this happen proves that people with disabilities are being heard and measures of assistance are being implemented where possible. Even though there are still many people out there struggling with day-to-day life, due to small inconveniences, there is still reason to be positive.AGE UK CALDERDALE VW T5 004

Here at Stanford Coachworks we support our local and UK wide charities by supplying them with the best wheelchair accessible custom built minibuses. This allows charities such as Age UK and Shaw Trust the chance to take people with disabilities out of their homes so they can enjoy a day out whether it is at the beach or a local café.

Each one of our custom minibus conversions are built to the highest standard and tailor-crafted with equipment such as wheelchair lifts, high visibility hand rails and removable folding seats.



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