We don’t sell pre designed minibuses, every single vehicle is a custom design specific to the client.  Before starting your quote we will discuss your requirements and establish the purpose of the minibus, from this information we can recommend minibus options we think you will need alongside any other options you would like added.  

There are different options to suit all needs, uses and budgets.

So lets start from the ground up!



There are three floor options  offering different benefits

Standard – This option will have wheel arch intrusions and seating will have to be configured around this 

Flat floor – The flat floor option will remove the wheel arch intrusions and provide more space for seating internally

Super flat floor – The super flat floor option will again remove the wheel arch intrusion but the super flat floor will provide even more space for seating as well as the option for an underfloor lift 

Floor covers:

Choose your flooring, we have smooth finishes, gripped finishes, carpet, wood finishes and executive look flooring. 


We have a number of seating options from fixed seats, removable seating, tip up seats, swivel seats, arm rests, a variety of head rests, handles, magazine nets, easy clean seats and luxury seats. This variety enables us to supply a seat capable of matching your passengers needs.

Removable seats are a great minibus option as they allow you to change the capacity of your minibus and provide space for wheelchair passengers or extra storage space when required.  Wipe clean seats are ideal for ambulances and school buses, we can also finish seats in contemporary Halo for an executive finish.



minibus seating



Finish your minibus in style and keep your company brand uniform.  We can trim the side panels and accent panels on the vehicles interior to match seating and represent the companies brand – Take a look at the London Hire vehicle below, the ceiling panels and seats are finished in the same material featuring the companies logo.

branded minibus


Heating and Air conditioning 

 Stanford Coachworks Secure Transport Service Vehicle UK SAS Switches

Keep your passengers comfortable with climate control, we can install air conditioning and heating for the rear of the vehicle to keep passengers cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  


minibus options lighting

We have a variety of lighting options, not only practical lighting such as loading lights but also comfort lights for ambience. We can fit personal lights for each row of seats with blue and white LED lights, as well as colour changing strip lighting. 

lighting options for your minibus


Front entry or side entry? We can let you know what would suit your minibus best. If you have a front entry design we can offer a cut in step or for a side entry minibus we can fit a number of step options based on your passengers mobility. 

We have manual steps, electric steps, and folding double steps that reach a lower level for those with low mobility.  These are all easy to operate by any minibus operatives. 

Step entry minibus options


We can supply lifts from a number of manufacturers so if you are used to using a certain brand we can use that in your vehicle.  We can supply you with a split platform lift, folding lift or on certain vehicle models an underfloor lift to maximise your minibus space. 


Minibus options - wheelchair lift

These are  some of the choices for your minibus but we have a number of other suitable options, and alongside these options we have a variety of other minibus options we can offer you including reverse cameras and sensors, storage compartments, TVs, audio features and secure cages. 

Contact us today to talk about all of the options we can offer you. 


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