Stanford Coachworks are taking part in the annual Maldon Mud Race! 10 of our bravest people will be making their way across the 500m river of mud over the bed of River Blackwater  to raise money for charity. The race is organised by the Lions & Rotary clubs of Maldon and Maldon District Council to raise money for charity.

The Maldon mud race began in 1973 when a regular at a local pub was challenged to serve a meal on the riverbank dressed in a dinner jacket. The challenge evolved into a race across the river to a waiting barrel of beer, drinking a pint of beer there and racing back.


Maldon Mud Race


We are all looking forward to it and have formed two teams:


Team 1 – Too Many Men 

 Jess aka Julie – ann

 Adds aka Abs 

 Dave aka You’ll do

Dom aka Dom dastardly

 Steve aka  Benidorm

Rick aka Ricko


Team 2 – Mudworks 

 Karen aka Dizzy bird 

 Laura aka Nora 

Steve aka West Ham 

 Clay aka  The Tongue 


Both teams are busy preparing and working out techniques to conquer the mud, team 2 are discussing running and carrying methods. Team 2 have gone down another route.

Having studied videos of previous years and they have concluded the best way to get across  is to slide along…. like a seal! Therefore they are getting into shape … a seal shape to be precise they are busy training (eating) to form this shape. 


Team 1 in training 

In Training (eating)


The Goal


Daniel Wilkinson foundation 

This foundation was set up after the sudden death of Daniel Wilkinson, a young footballer who died suddenly due to underlying heart condition Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy (ARVC). The charity has been set up to raise awareness of the condition and provide funding for early screening for young footballers to detect the condition and to provide defibrillators and CPR training to clubs.


Brainwave support children with disabilities by helping them achieve greater independence through mobility, communication skills, and increasing learning ability through a number of different therapies.

David Randall foundation 

This charity supports those who show dedication and passion for sport or music but lack the financial backing to pursue these avenues. They also support those with life limiting illnesses by providing opportunities to  enjoy life for as long as possible.  

Little havens

If a family have a child or young person who has a life-limiting or life-threatening condition, Little Havens Hospice can help. They are available to make the journey as comfortable as possible, by offering planned respite stays, managing symptoms, adjusting medications and caring for children at the end of their lives.

Cinnamon trust 

The Cinnamon Trust is the only specialist national charity which seeks to relieve the anxieties, problems, and sometimes injustices, faced by elderly and terminally ill people and their pets, thereby saving a great deal of human sadness and animal suffering.


PARC provide play and recreation facilities for children with additional needs and short break care for their families and carers.  

Maldon and district sea cadets

Our core purpose is to celebrate Britain’s maritime heritage and contribute to its future development by supporting young people as Sea Cadets.

St Helena Hospice 

St Helena Hospice exists for the patients, families and carers they serve in north east Essex and the colne valley area of mid-Essex as well as for those who will need their support in the future. They help local people with an incurable illness to live well and die with dignity and choice.


So come and see us compete at the Maldon Mud Race there will be lots of other activities going on and it will be a great day out, there may be some fancy dress too! Please support us and donate to these good causes through our Just Giving page.


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