In November 2019, our long-term client Civilised Car Hire, introduced us to Parisian tour company Global Production Supply.

The left-hand drive Renault Masters feature twin side load doors.The left-hand drive Renault Masters feature twin side load doors.

Global Production Supply are based in the heart of Paris and offer a variety of different services such as vehicle rental, the delivery of equipment and the sale of any consumables. 

Currently, Global Production Supply hire their tour buses from Civilised Car Hire however, they have now decided that due to expansion, they require their very own left-hand drive vehicles to use in and around Paris. 

After many flights to and from Paris (pre COVID-19), Global Production Supply decided on two luxury left-hand drive Renault Masters, finished in metallic black paint, which would provide their clients with a professional yet functional transport service. 


The base vehicle

Both vehicles are based on LM35 Renault Masters and feature twin side load doors, a dual front cab passenger seat, European satellite navigation and rear parking sensors. To give the vehicles an executive exterior finish, we limousine tinted the rear passenger windows and exchanged the original alloys for a set of sporty graphite grey ones. 



The passenger cabin

In the passenger cabin, we have installed six luxury reclining coach seats, upholstered in black E-leather with silver piping. To make each seat removable, we have fitted them to a tracked flooring. We then covered this tracking with a decorative ebony wood effect lino. Complete with a matching grey suede roof panel, we finished the interior of the vehicle in a soft feel carpet material.

Positioned around a large centre table, we have arranged the seats in a conference style layout. The table includes a control console box which houses 240-volt power sockets, USB charging points, a voltage display unit, a HDMI socket and the controls for the LED down lights.

This area is fully illuminated by four comfort blue / reading white LED ceiling lights and remote controlled colour-changing roof lighting. Two flexible map reading lights have also been fitted to either side of the vehicle for additional brightness. 



On-board entertainment

To keep clients entertained whilst travelling we have installed two 22” smart televisions at both the front and rear of the passenger cabin. Both televisions include Apple TV and automatic HDMI switchover which allows users to mirror their devices to the televisions using a HDMI cable. Passengers won’t have to worry about downloading content onto their Apple TV accounts or devices before travelling, as we have made sure to install on-board Wi-Fi which allows them to stream on the go. For sound, we have installed a Denon bluetooth soundbar and subwoofer. 



A new design for Stanford Coachworks’ tour buses

Both of the Renault Masters include a brand-new design idea for Stanford Coachworks – a recessed water machine with hot and cold facility. To do this, we handcrafted a storage compartment in the rear production area to house the machine. Users can easily access the machine by removing two sliding panels. We came up with the idea in order to efficiently change over the 15-litre water bottle. 

From the passenger cabin, the machine has been recessed into a specially designed rear bulkhead. It is situated behind a removable passenger seat along with a drinking bottle storage box with space for up to nine bottles. 



The production area

In the rearmost cabin of the vehicle, we have created a production area complete with a fixed chequer plated dressing table. The dressing table features a 3-tone LED illuminated mirror with a dimmer switch. The production area includes practical elements such as a hair dryer holder, 240-volt and USB plug sockets, pop-out coat hangers, a bottle opener, a rubbish bin and a digital safe for the storage of valuable items. 

To ensure that all clients remain comfortable whilst travelling, we have installed an Eberspacher diesel heater system. The heater includes outlets in both the front and rear vehicle compartments. 



Innovative ideas

At Stanford Coachworks we are always looking for ways to improve our conversions to ensure that they are as modern as possible. Another innovative design features in both of the Renault Master conversions, this time at the very rear of the vehicle. To allow clients using the dressing area to change in complete privacy, we have installed privacy switchable glass. Using a special electrochromic film, we covered each of the rear windows. This allows them to appear either transparent or completely opaque at the touch of a button! 



Thank you!

We would like to thank Global Production Supply for their custom and to Civilised Car Hire for introducing and recommending Stanford Coachworks to them. Everybody at Stanfords is incredibly delighted to have our conversions on the road in Paris. We wish Global Production Supply all the best for the future. Merci beaucoup, Global Production Supply! 


Disclaimer – All photos were taken prior to the National Lockdown in England. Those photographed are in a working social bubble and maintained a 2-metre distance from Stanford Coachworks’ staff at all times. 

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